At Amma, we understand the power of community


We’ve all heard the expression “It takes a village”. But in today’s world, it can be difficult for any new parent to find a network of support. 

For those seeking sanctuary in Scotland — who are navigating the challenges of a new country and motherhood alone — that village can feel completely out of reach.

The parents we support are so strong, but we can do so much more together.  


From October 11-18,  we’re participating in
The Big Give’s Women and Girls Match Fund.

During this campaign, we’re aiming to raise an ambitious £10,000 in just one week.

But to make it happen, we need you!  Every pound you donate this week will be doubled to create twice the impact.

Between clients, staff and volunteers, the Amma Family brings together a wealth of love, resilience, care, and mutual inspiration.

“Amma felt like my first family in Glasgow. They gave me power and knowledge and hope - I feel like a person who has rights and choices now and I am not afraid of anything.”

When new parents are supported, they thrive

Our clients receive individual support throughout their pregnancy, birth and the first weeks of new parenthood. Last year, 96% of our companionship clients said they felt better able to meet their baby's needs.

In our Amma community, parents feel held

Within Amma Family, peers support each other. By coming to weekly gatherings, mothers benefit from a safe space to share, learn, and build connections. Amma clients often go on to build lasting friendships outwith our events - proving how strong they are together.

"When I was attending [Amma Family], I became less anxious as I was talking to other mums and we shared ideas and such, so I also became less worried if my child was going through something.”

Our mutually supportive volunteer community

Our volunteers work in teams, so they are never working alone. The Amma community holds a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience, and we all turn to each other for advice and to share our experiences. As a result, we all grow together.


Our community doesn't stop there. We wouldn't be able to do any of our work without your support. Will you donate today?

Other ways to support us this week

We have a wonderful event taking place this week, with all proceeds coming through The Big Give, so their impact is doubled.

Stand Up For Mothers Comedy Benefit

On Monday 16th October, we have a comedy treat in store - a night of stand up at renowned comedy club The Stand.
Hosted by Rosco McLelland, Josie Long will be joined by Irina Gyl, Susan Riddell, and Ashley Manning.

Treat yourself to a great night out and support Amma at the same time!

Thank you for your support!

We want to celebrate our community of supporters – we invite you to take a photo of yourself making heart hands 🫶, by yourself or with a friend. We’ll share a gallery of all our amazing donors at the end of the Big Give week!