Sarah-Jane Linton


Sarah-Jane is Vice Principal, Learning and Attainment, at West Lothian College. She has been a senior manager in further education for 10 years, and has worked in school and further education for more than 20 years. She is also a current grant committee member for BBC Children in Need. Until recently, she served as a Board trustee of 'WhoCares?Scotland', chairing their Policy, Practice & Learning committee and governing their activism work.

Sarah-Jane has lived experience of poverty; and poverty eradication, the rights of children and care experienced people are core motivators to her work, and shape her values both professionally and personally. She is a step and foster parent to 7, and a step granny to 1 and big sister to 8.

Comfort Anjorin


Comfort is a former Amma client. She was involved in many community projects in her home country and has experience of supporting vulnerable groups.

She is very passionate about giving back and is someone that others naturally migrate to. She has been involved with setting up the virtual peer groups within Amma and is a great advocate for our other clients.

Jamie Kinlochan


Jamie is an independent consultant, supporting individuals and organisations with their strategy and messaging. His work has involved policy changing engagement with the First Minister of Scotland, the production of a prime-time documentary and the delivery of a unique counselling service during lockdown.

Jamie was awarded a BEM in the New Year Honours list for his work during the COVID pandemic. He also serves on the board of SAMH, Scotland's national mental health charity.

Sarah Scarlett


As a practicing midwife, Sarah has seen first-hand the positive impact of Amma’s support. She currently works as a community midwife within NHSGGC and also has experience in all aspects of antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care.

Sarah volunteered in Athens with Amurtel, a charitable organisation focused on caring for asylum seekers and refugees who are pregnant or have recently given birth. She provided midwifery care and education relating to all aspects of sexual and reproductive health, infant feeding and parentcraft. The experiences she gained during this time provided her with a real insight into the day to day lives, struggles and complexities of these individuals’ lives, as well as a deeper understanding of previously unfamiliar cultural norms and expectations surrounding pregnancy and childbirth.

Sarah believe passionately in the role Amma has in improving the lives and welfare of vulnerable women and birthing people.

Vongayi Mufara


Vongayi is a former banking professional with a degree in banking and finance. She was previously supported by Amma during a complicated pregnancy in 2020. She has spoken in the media about her experience of baby loss and how Amma helped her through this incredibly difficult time in her life.

She is the Secretary for Information and Publicity of the UK Chapter of Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) Zimbabwe and is involved in campaigns to end human rights violations and violence against women and girls in her home country of Zimbabwe.

Leah Hazard


Leah Hazard is a midwife and the author of the Sunday Times bestselling memoir, 'Hard Pushed: A Midwife’s Story'. Having studied at Harvard, Leah left a career in television to pursue her lifelong interest in women’s health after the birth of her first daughter. She soon began working as a doula, supporting women in pregnancy and attending numerous births in homes and hospitals across the country.

The birth of Leah’s second daughter prompted Leah to make the leap into midwifery. Since qualifying, she has worked in a variety of clinical areas within the NHS maternity services, including antenatal clinics, triage units and labour wards.

Leah is also the host of the podcast, 'What The Midwife Said', and a frequent commentator on women’s health for Woman’s Hour, the New Statesman, the Independent, the Guardian, Grazia and more. Her second book, Womb: the Inside Story of Where We All Began, was published worldwide in March 2023.

Pauline McCulloch


Pauline is a litigator at one of Scotland’s largest commercial law firms. Her advice is therefore usually required when things are going wrong, rather than right, supporting clients through the dispute process from both a commercial and strategic standpoint.

In her role at Amma, Pauline provides legal and strategic guidance to the Amma committee. As a mother, she can relate to the experience of childbirth and the months before and years after, and is particularly passionate about the support Amma can give to vulnerable parents and children who are managing the route to family life without the resources and support networks that so many of us may take for granted.

Sangeeta Kalia


Sangeeta is a monitoring, evaluation, research and learning specialist. She has worked with a range of third sector organisations, and closely within ending violence against women and girls and racial justice. She has built extensive knowledge of the charity sector landscape. Her work focuses on building equity and equality, and advocates for decolonial intersectional ways of working.

She is committed to the wellbeing and equality of Black and minoritised women, holding personal connection to experiences of migration, joy of community and intergenerational trauma structural inequalities can cause. As a result, Sangeeta is passionate about the work Amma does and is committed to its continued success.

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