Birth Companionship 

Our volunteer birth companions work in teams to provide continuous practical and emotional support to expectant parents. Support is offered from the third trimester of pregnancy until a week or two after birth.

Our birth companions:

  • Provide one-to-one support to birthing people from the third trimester of pregnancy until birth
  • Work with parents to develop an individualised birth plan
  • Advocate to ensure clients’ voices are heard in the decisions that impact their birth experience

Postnatal Companionship

Our postnatal companions work voluntarily to support and nurture
parents’ physical and emotional recovery from birth. They help ease the transition to parenthood by ensuring parents are rested, nourished, and able to bond with and comfortably feed their baby.

Our postnatal companions:

  • Help with infant feeding 
  • Assist with domestic tasks
  • Enable parents to rest and recover
  • Ensure parents are well-nourished 
  • Facilitate connections with other parents

Our work in action

Becoming an Amma Volunteer: Q&A with Evelyn

Volunteer postnatal companion, Evelyn, spoke to us about the process of applying and training to be an Amma volunteer, giving an insight into what’s involved and why she is motivated to support our clients in their journey to parenthood.

Life after loss: Vongayi’s story

When Vongayi found out she was expecting twins, she never could have anticipated the difficult journey that would unfold. When her son, Rylan, passed away at just 19 days old, Vongayi turned to Amma for support in navigating life after loss.

Mary’s story

It’s so important to have someone by your side. You don’t realise how important it is until you go through it. When I look back — two children, pregnant, nobody to talk to, moods up and down — I’m not so sure I would have survived without Amma. The love Amma is giving… you can’t equate it to money. Someone being there for you in that way imprints on you for life.

Join our team

At Amma, we support birthing people who are experiencing significant adversity on their journey to parenthood. Our mission is to improve birth, pregnancy and postnatal experiences and outcomes for vulnerable individuals.