The Value of Companionship

A birth or postnatal companion, sometimes known as a doula or birth worker, is trained to provide non-medical support, guidance, and advocacy for others through childbirth. 

An ever-increasing research base shows that the presence of a trained companion can lead to better birth and parenting outcomes, particularly amongst groups facing structural and health inequalities.

Birth Companionship 

Birth Companions work as part of small teams to offer emotional support, practical guidance, and a nurturing presence during pregnancy and birth.

Our Birth Companions:

  • Provide one-to-one support from the third trimester of pregnancy and during birth 
  • Work with parents to prepare for birth and develop an individualised birth plan
  • Advocate to ensure clients’ voices are heard in the decisions that impact their birth experience

Postnatal Companionship

Our Postnatal Companions work as part of a team to support and nurture
parents’ physical and emotional recovery from birth. They help ease the transition to parenthood by ensuring parents are rested, nourished, able to bond with and comfortably feed their baby.

Our Postnatal Companions:

  • Help with infant feeding 
  • Assist with domestic tasks like cooking or tidying
  • Enable parents to rest and recover
  • Ensure parents are well-nourished 
  • Facilitate connections with other parents

Join our team

At Amma, we support women and birthing people who are experiencing significant adversity on their journey to parenthood. We aim to improve birth and parenting experiences and outcomes for individuals facing inequalities.