Birth Outcomes & Experiences Report

In March 2024, we published our first ‘Birth Outcomes & Experiences Report‘, which spotlights inequities within perinatal care experienced by women seeking asylum, refugees, and those with varied immigration statuses.

Our report analyses the childbirth experiences of 100 individuals supported by Amma over a two-year period. Our aim in creating this report was to amplify the voices of those whose experiences of pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood so often go unheard. 

The report uncovers pressing concerns regarding systemic inequalities, focusing on practice issues and discrimination, rates of intervention, and communication barriers — all of which exacerbate existing disparities faced by migrant mothers. Key findings from the report include instances of discrimination and practice issues noted in over a third of cases, challenges faced by three in four individuals requiring interpreters, and high rates of induction and Caesarean section rates that surpass regional and national averages.

Through a detailed list of recommendations, the report emphasises the urgency of addressing racialised inequities within the NHS, echoing broader trends that reveal disproportionately negative pregnancy and birth outcomes for individuals of Black, Asian, and mixed ethnicities in the UK.

It also draws attention to the harmful effects of underfunded maternity care and advocates for collaborative efforts between healthcare stakeholders and government bodies to improve conditions for both patients and staff. It calls on the Scottish Government to commit to greater investment in maternity services to ensure equitable access and quality care for all.

We invite every person who reads this report to join us in our mission to advocate for a perinatal care system that is inclusive, person-centred, and truly equitable for all women and birthing people. 

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