Racialised and marginalised groups face significant disparities in perinatal care, as continually evidenced by MBRRACE-UK. At Amma, one of the ways we seek to tackle these disparities is through advocacy. 

Our birth and postnatal companions are trained to understand individuals’ rights and choices around birth and to advocate for person-centred care. We support our clients to make and express informed choices and help to assert their preferences when needed, particularly when there are language barriers.

We also speak up and advocate for action on issues that directly impact the people we serve, from gender based violence to migrant rights and more.  

We believe there should be a holistic approach to understanding the racial, socio-economic and political conditions that affect birthing people from marginalised groups.

Kim March with Midwives

Relevant stories

Amma’s Response to the Illegal Migration Bill

Yesterday, the government’s cruel and unworkable Illegal Migration Bill passed its third reading in the House of Commons. It will now go to the House of Lords for consideration, where it, if passed, will become law.

The impact of this Bill is truly horrifying. At Amma, we are deeply concerned about the impact it will have on all people seeking safety, but particularly on pregnant women and their children.