Birth & Postnatal Companionship

Our volunteers undergo 50+ hours of training to deliver specialist trauma informed, culturally competent care to birthing people throughout the perinatal period. 

Our companions work in teams to provide continuous practical and emotional support to expectant parents.

Support is offered from the third trimester of pregnancy until a few weeks following birth. 

Peer support

Our Amma Family peer support programme supports our clients to develop friendships, increase confidence, learn parenting skills, and have fun. 

Parents are encouraged to join at any point during pregnancy and are welcome to take part indefinitely.

We offer weekly parent & baby drop-in sessions, as well as monthly workshops and quarterly social outings. 

Antenatal education

Our group antenatal course provides participants with a comprehensive and holistic understanding of how to prepare for birth and life with a new baby. This course is designed to be inclusive, trauma-informed, and accessible to all birthing people. Interpreters are provided as needed. 

Our birth/postnatal companions can also provide tailored birth and/or postnatal preparation sessions in our clients’ homes. The content of these sessions are participant-led and based on the expressed learning needs of each expectant parent. 


Birthing people from marginalised or racialised groups experience significant disparities in perinatal care, and are therefore denied the dignity and choices that they deserve. 

At Amma, we have a vital role to play in supporting our clients to become their own best advocates. We help to make sure that our clients’ needs are asserted, particularly when there are language or ability barriers. 

We are focused not only on meeting the urgent needs of our clients, but also driving systemic change aimed at tackling disparities in perinatal care.

Who we help

We provide perinatal support to women and birthing people facing barriers like poverty, isolation, or language.

Our Impact

Read our 2021 Annual Report to find out more about the impact of our work.

Support our work

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