Amma offers inclusive, in-depth, trauma-informed antenatal education.

Pregnancy Group

Led by experienced midwife, Kate McKay, birth worker and educator, Rohese Devereux-Taylor, our pregnancy group provides participants with a comprehensive and holistic understanding of how to prepare for birth and life with a new baby. 

The group is designed to be inclusive, trauma-informed, and accessible to all, incorporating education, food, and community. There is a strong focus on rights and self-advocacy, as well as the more topic-based education such as what to expect from labour and birth, both physiologically and in relation to induction, caesarean sections, and pain relief.

To remove barriers to participation, we provide travel expenses and childcare, and use multilingual resources, visual aids, and interpreter support as needed. 

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1:1 Birth/Postnatal Preparation

We provide tailored 1:1 birth and/or postnatal preparation sessions for our companionship clients. The content of these sessions is participant-led and is based on the expressed learning needs of each expectant parent. This time can be used to help clients create a birth plan or prepare their environment to support postnatal recovery.

Interpreters are provided as needed.

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