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We want to hear your thoughts about Amma family and we need your voice to tell us what you’d like to see at Amma Family next!

Have you been to any Amma Family event in the last year? Did you enjoy it, or do you think we could do things differently? If you haven’t been, what puts you off?

Even if you have never been to our Wednesday events, or joined us for any other sessions, we want to hear your thoughts!

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We welcome all of your thoughts (good and bad)  so all we need is your honesty.

AmFam Evaluation Template 2024
How old is your youngest baby? (don't include older children)
How often do you attend Amma Family groups or workshops?
Why don't you come to the Amma Family Group? Please tick all that apply
Would you like to see any of these sessions run again this year?
What other activities would you like to see at our weekly Amma Family group?
Is there anything that the staff or Volunteers can do to make things better?
I have made friends through Amma Family
I have learned new parenting skills through Amma Family
I feel more confident as a parent since taking part in Amma Family activites
Amma Family has helped me learn about other community activities
I feel able to reach out for advice or support from other Amma Family group participants
Do you feel able to reach out to Amma staff for help, advice or support?
My baby has benefited from attending Amma Family activities
Do you feel you have a better connection with your baby because of Amma family?
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