Amma HQ’s walls come to Life

At Amma, our aim is to create a safe, nurturing and welcoming space for our clients, as well as our volunteers and staff too.

So much of Amma’s work is about creating a community where pregnant people and new parents can feel supported, especially if they’re new to Glasgow or don’t have family around them.

When we moved into our new office in June 2023, it was a huge, empty, white space.  Since then we’ve been making the space feel more and more like a home – with new walls and doors built for us by Top Drawer Joinery , cosy furnishings, our Amma signature colours, photos and art, and of course plenty of toys for the kids.
The last exciting part of this process has been a series of wall decorations and murals by our wonderful long-term collaborator, illustrator and artist Alice Dansey-Wright.
Leah and Comfort in front of some of the new murals - Amma - Like Family

The inspiration for the Amma Designs - Amma Family

 The first time we collaborated with Alice was in the spring of 2022, when she facilitated a design workshop for our Amma Family community who had the chance to get creative and design their own t-shirts.
Alice worked closely with the group, giving them a space to talk about their experiences with Amma and brainstorming how they could represent them visually, looking at hand-painted textiles, symbols, and visual art. The members of the group then had the opportunity to hand paint their designs onto t-shirts and created some beautiful pieces!
Following the workshop, Alice used the designs created by the Amma Family group as inspiration to create a series of designs for Amma, which we have been using across a range of materials – you can even buy an exclusive mug with one of Alice’s designs!
This year, following a generous donation from the Itison Pumpkin Fund (donated by the customers at Itison GlasGlow), we invited Alice back to help us bring a magical touch to Amma HQ by creating beautiful murals using her original designs. Alice was joined by a team of volunteers who helped us paint and bring the walls to life.
We’re so grateful to Alice for her creativity and love the full-circle journey of these designs, which began in the heart of our community and the Amma Family members themselves. We hope all the members of our community will enjoy the beautiful designs in the space as much as we do!