Personal Google Accounts on Amma phones 

We are aware that some people may have had to sign into their Amma phones with personal Google accounts in order to download apps.  If this is the case, we need to you to check your settings to ensure that your clients’ and volunteers’ numbers are not stored as ‘contacts’ on your personal Google account. 

Remember, even though clients’ numbers should always be saved with their initials only, it’s still important that these are only accessible on your Amma phone and not on other devices through your Google account. If this is the case for you, please can you do the following:

  • Delete any client numbers from your contacts if you are no longer working with that person.

  • Make sure the numbers on your Amma phone are saved to your device and deleted from your Google account. It seems that this is different on different phones. 

  • Sign out of your Google account so there are no further numbers stored on your Google account.

If you need help with any f the above, email for support.