We have a new taxi account with GlasGo, which should be more cost effective than Glasgow Taxis and Uber. Please use this in the first instance but if no taxis are available you can still try Uber or Glasgow Taxis. 

To book a taxi with GlasGo cabs, call 0141 548 1110 and quote our account number which is A005.

You then need to provide the relevant PIN (see below) and state the corresponding category. Here are the various PINs and corresponding categories:

  • 1832 – Family group
  • 9623 – Companions
  • 8519 – Client travel
  • 7639 – Antenatal class
  • 4107 – Gardening workshop
  • 6014 – Staff travel

For any admin questions either email Accounts@Glasgocabs.co.uk or call 0141 766 0111.