Client Photographs: New Guidance 

We have further clarified our guidance around taking photos of clients and their babies to ensure that clients have ownership over these images. We would really appreciate if you could do the following:

  1. Check your phone and WhatsApp chats and delete any photographs that you have of clients and babies.

  2. Read and follow this guidance. 
  • If the client would like you to take photographs of them or their baby, please do this on their phone and not your Amma phone or personal phone or camera.

  • If for some reason this is not possible your client wishes you to take photographs, you may use your own device but images must be sent immediately to the client and deleted from your device.

  • Do not share images on social media , WhatsApp or in any other way.

  • If you are taking a photographs to share with Amma staff for Amma marketing purposes, this should be done at the request of your client. Please ensure that a ‘Photography Consent Form’ is completed, and the client has provided informed consent BEFORE taking any photographs. (Email for more information about photography consent) 

The updated Rules for Storing and Sharing Client Information can be read here:  Rules for storing and sharing client information May 2021.docx.