Help Make Amma’s New Office A Home

When people visit us in our current office, they often comment on how welcoming and homely the space is, and what a lovely place it is to visit, to meet, to train, to work.
Our Amma office is the setting for a wide range of activities, from our everyday admin to the volunteer training to the regular Amma Family group, to special events, trainings, celebrations and gatherings.
As our services have diversified and grown along with our team, we’ve quickly outgrown our offices in Baltic House and it’s time for us to stretch our wings into a new home.

We have been lucky enough to secure a considerably larger office space not far from our current city-centre location and we’re excited about setting up shop in the new place. However it will take some loving care, creativity and a decent amount of new furnishings to make the new space as cosy as our current one. 

This is where you come in. 

We need help gathering together the pieces to create the amazing new space to house all of our current and future activities – and watch this space for our big plans!

With your generous donations, we will be furnishing the new office with everything we need to make it homely and welcoming and a space to host all of our many various activites, from training, to everyday admin, to parties and events, and just a space for staff, clients, and volunteers to meet.

The New Space

The new Amma office is around 5,000 square feet, and we have big dreams for this huge space! 

From a dedicated Amma Family meeting space and kids’ playroom to a dedicated training room, reception area, dining room, and even a prayer room, the new office is going to be a wonderful setting for all of our activites and services.

At the moment, though, the space is quite empty and stark, and needs furniture and furnishings to turn it into a home away from home for our clients, volunteers, and staff. 

Using AI generated images we put together a short visualisation of the new office we are dreaming of –  can you help us make this a reality?

Two ways to help

To help us acquire all the things we need for the new office we are asking for your help . 

We have launched a new fundraiser to raise the funds to buy new items and furnishings. Our goal is £1000, which will allow us to buy items like storage cupboards, high chairs, carpets, sofas, and much more.

Alternatively, if you have items you’d like to donate such as office furniture, baby items like highchairs and playroom items, or soft furnishings like beanbags and rugs, you can use the form below to arrange the donation.

Thank you so much for helping us make our new HQ a Home!

Please fill in the form below to make an in-kind donation.