Weekly Amma Family Group with Potluck Lunch

Join us for our Weekly Amma Family Group, a great opportunity to meet other parents, get support and make friends.

This week we have our monthly Potluck lunch, when members of the group are invited to cook a dish for the group to share. This is a great way to experience each other’s cultures and share stories over food! We can pay you back the cost of the ingredients (please keep receipts) or we can provide a Tesco voucher for £15.

If you are interested in cooking for the group please answer ‘yes’ to the question in the form below and a staff member will contact you.

We will reimburse pay you back for your travel costs up to £5.40, please keep a copy of your receipt or ticket to show a member of staff.

Spaces are limited so please complete this short form to make sure you get a space

AmFam Amma Family Potluck 6/12/23
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