Poverty and inequality workshop

Have your voice heard! On Thursday the 21st March from 10.30-1pm at 51 Cadogan Street Glasgow

The Poverty and Inequality commission are looking at how to reduce child poverty in Scotland and want to hear your voice and your thoughts about how they can do this.

Amma will be running a workshop to support them to hear your voice while you remain anonymous. This will be an opportunity for you to safely share your own experiences and what you think is needing to be done to support families on a low income. We need to hear from a range of people who are currently in the asylum process, have gained refugee status, or have no access to public funds.

This means that we will only be able to select people to attend from each group

The workshop will also be about sharing information that may help to see if you are able to access any further support with finances.

You will receive a £20 gift voucher for attending , snacks and a light lunch will be provided, as will childcare and travel expenses. Interpreters will be provided if needed




We have now reached the maximum number of participants. Thank you for your interest.