*NEW* Amma Family WhatsApp group

After your feedback about the WhatsApp group we are creating a …

NEW WHATSAPP GROUP for information about Amma Family sessions and activities.

Amma’s focus is to support people who are pregnant or have a child under 2.  If you have at least one child under 2 years and want to be invited to Amma Family groups and activities, please complete the form below.

Once you have completed the form, we will confirm your phone number and add you to the new group by the end of August.


The current WhatsApp group will remain as a *Community Chat* group.

It has about 200 members and will be a space for parents to chat and share information. It will not be moderated by Amma staff.

We do want to stay connected with the whole Amma Family and will still post any activities that are suitable for older children in the *Community Chat* group.

Thank you for understanding, if you have any questions you can message @Clara or @Amelia and we’ll do our best to answer them,

Team Amma Family xxx

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Please give your full name
Please give your full name
Do you have a telephone number with access to WhatsApp?
Are you pregnant or do you have a child under the age of 24 months (2 years old)?
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