Amma Family Kilt Walk Sunday April the 28th 2024

Join us to raise  funds for Amma!

The Kiltwalk is Scotland’s largest mass participation walking event with over 145,000 people taking part since 2016.

On Sunday the 28th April Amma staff will be walking the famous Kilt Walk to raise funds for all of Amma Birth Companions. The walk will be leaving from Loch Lomond Shores at around 10.30am and finishing at Moss O’Balloch Park which is 3 miles (4.8 kilometers).

This will be a fun morning where we do the walk together with people cheering you on as you go. Babies and prams can also come, as can other children.

Amma will reimburse you (pay you back) for your travel

Please note that Amma will have to pay a fee for you to join us. This means that you must be able to attend on the day and we only have 5 spaces 

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