Amma Family Outdoors – Kelvingrove Museum and Park

Join us for our Weekly Amma Family Group, a great opportunity to meet other parents, get support and make friends- this week we will be meeting at Kelvingrove Museum and Park

The exact location will be shared on the Amma Family WhatsApp group.

We provide light snacks and water, so please bring a packed lunch and any snacks you would like to share.

We will reimburse you (pay you back) for your travel costs up to £5.40 for those who register, please keep a copy of your receipt or ticket to show a member of staff.

Please note this is a public park, so you are welcome to bring friends or come along if you do not register, however we will be unable to pay for bus fare or refreshments for those who have not registered or are not members of Amma Family.

As this is an Outdoor Amma event, older children are welcome, however please make sure to include them in the form and remember that we do not provide childcare so each parent is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their own children.

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